343 adjusts “frustrating” Halo Infinite challenges to make them easier to complete

Alex Tsiaoussidis
343 Industries

343 Industries revealed plans to adjust the “frustrating” Halo Infinite challenges in an effort to make them easier to complete, even considering adding new ones to boost player XP overall.

In response to all the backlash surrounding Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode, 343 Industries have ramped up their efforts to respond to community feedback and implement changes that players want to see.

For example, they’re finally adding new multiplayer game mode playlists after the community felt that there was a lack of them compared to previous titles. They also vowed to make “consistent improvements” to tackle cheaters.

In continuation of that trend, Brian Jarrard, the Halo Community Director at 343 Industries, disclosed plans to tweak challenges to make them less frustrating to complete and add some new ones into the mix.

Halo Infinite multiplayer screenshot showing an orange Spartan
343 Industries
343 Industries have ramped up their efforts to implement changes that the community wants.

“Next week’s update will also include adjustments to challenges,” said Jarrard, referring to the one expected to release on December 14.

He listed the following adjustments:

  • Removing frustrating mode-specific ones
  • Reducing some requirements for others, making weekly ultimate challenges less intensive
  • Adding brand new challenges specific to the new playlists.

Jarrard also revealed that the team might be adding a new challenge category based on accumulating player score.

He believes it will be a small step towards performance-based XP. “We’ll have some more details to share next week.”

343 Industries
Halo Infinite players have had a tough time completing some of the challenges.

The existing challenges, which require players to get kills with certain weapons, vehicles, and select game modes, have led to ghost lobbies because players cannot select which game types to queue up for.

The community hopes these changes will play a part in fixing the ghost lobby issue and make challenges less frustrating to complete.