Halo Infinite rig location & popular vehicle return hinted ahead of E3 2021

halo infinite screenshots343 Industries

Microsoft and Bethesda come together for one of the most highly anticipated E3 2021 press conferences in years on June 13, but Halo Infinite fans haven’t had to wait until then to see new details revealed. 

In recent months, there has been so much talk about Halo potentially adding a battle royale mode, changing some weapons from previous games to give them an upgrade, and the devs have kept everybody updated with regular blog posts.

The Xbox show is expected to have a schedule jam-packed with surprises, from Halo Infinite to Forza Motorsport next-gen.

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Before that, though, fans have noticed the release of a new Infinite calendar, and it’s fair to say that a number of unknown details have potentially been spilled.

Halo Infinite calendar reveals new details

A 2022 Halo Infinite calendar surfaced in a thread on ResetEra, which shows a number of screenshots.

The dev team has already confirmed there will be a number of different biomes to explore when we finally get to traverse the world, however, what’s not been talked about too much is specific locations. Well, in these new images, it looks like there’s going to be a point of interest that looks a lot like a rig. 

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On top of that, if you look closely there is also a Type-25 Chopper (bottom right) – the biggest sign yet that the fan-favorite vehicle is coming back.

halo infinite calendar343 Industries
Maybe we shouldn’t have turned to the later months in this Halo Infinite calendar so soon.

In the thread, a lot of fans seemed delighted by the discovery. One posted: “Chopper is back baby!” while another said: “When a little thing like a chopper makes me smile.”

There has been no mention of the Chopper’s return in the main game reveals hosted by 343 Industries so far, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens during E3 2021. We should see a bit more of these new biomes too, including the rig and other potentially discoverable locations.

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More information on Microsoft’s Xbox E3 2021 press conference here.