Halo Infinite’s Sidekick Pistol looks very different in new screenshots

Halo Infinite screenshot343 Industries

Halo Infinite might not have been given a major gameplay reveal in 2021 yet, but 343 Industries have definitely been hard at work making changes to the Xbox/PC exclusive. In new screenshots, you can see the Sidekick Pistol has been altered. 

Since being confirmed back in 2020, Halo fans have been sniffing around for details – for just about everything – in this world.

While the developers have revealed snippets of information on multiplayer, characters, and elements of gameplay previously – we now know why weapons haven’t always been highlighted. It appears things are still being tweaked ahead of the late 2021 release window.

In the past we’ve seen a closer look at the Skewer, and following on from that, we now have a bit more to work with in relation to the Sidekick Pistol.

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Halo Sidekick Pistol changes spotted

The last time we caught a glimpse of the firearm was back in July 2020, and it looked like a pretty bog-standard pistol really. It was a lightweight weapon, based on the HUD image we could see, so nobody was reading too much into it.

However, plans have changed since that time. In new ‘work in progress’ screenshots, released as part of a dev blog post, there was one in particular that shows a change in the Sidekick Pistol.

New Halo Infinite screenshot

halo infinite halo screenshot343 Industries
This Halo Infinite screenshot may not appear to reveal new information, but if you look closely there is a tweak worth noting.

A closer look was presented by Reddit user Okapi05, who posted: “The Halo Infinite Sidekick Pistol really has beefed up since July 2020.”

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As seen in the comparison below, it’s certainly a different looking weapon now – with a revamp to the grip and also the incorporation of a flashlight attachment.

While this might look like a minimal change, it does explain why a Halo Infinite weapons lists is not readily available for just yet.

Some are being changed in development, and for all we know even the rifles pictured in these dev screenshots may also be reworked ahead of launch.

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