Halo Infinite players shocked by new 'Mister Chief' bundle: "Biggest ripoff yet" - Dexerto

Halo Infinite players shocked by new ‘Mister Chief’ bundle: “Biggest ripoff yet”

Published: 29/Dec/2021 2:25

by Brad Norton


Halo Infinite players have once again lashed out at the in-game store, this time venting their frustrations on the new ‘Mister Chief’ AI bundle that many are calling the “biggest ripoff yet.”

It’s no secret that microtransactions have left a sour taste among the Halo community of late. From boycotting seasonal events to lashing out at holiday-themed rewards, players have been up in arms at the structure of Infinite’s cosmetic system.

While the devs are aware and key changes are already in the pipeline, that hasn’t stopped the flow of new items arriving in weekly store updates. This time around, a comedic Mister Chief bundle has players arguing we’ve reached a new low.


For those unaware, Mister Chief has long been a running joke in the Halo scene. The poorly-drawn imitation made its way to Infinite as a new AI, fit with appropriately satirical voice lines.

Within a matter of hours, this bundle was the focal point of yet another wave of backlash.

Halo Infinite Mister Chief bundle
343 Industries
The Mister Chief bundle launched on December 28 in Halo Infinite.

Coming in at 2,000 Credits, roughly $20 USD, the bundle includes three distinct items. The AI itself is the highlight, but players can also access an emblem and a charm as well.

As the most expensive item in this week’s store rotation, expectations weren’t quite matched. “[This] might take the cake for the biggest ripoff in the store yet,” one player said on Reddit.


“I’m not even annoyed this time,” another chimed in. “I’m just in complete disbelief. This is absurd.”

AIs have a limited role in Infinite’s multiplayer experience. Outside of occasional callouts and the odd quip at the end of a match, you rarely engage with your own custom AI. 

As a result, players began criticizing the true value of Mister Chief and his $20 price tag. “I should be able to get an AI, full set of armor, and multiple weapon skins for $20,” one disappointed fan stressed.

Even in retrospect, Halo 5’s similar AI bundles provided more value, others highlighted. “At least in Halo 5 we got three AIs for $10.”


Evidently, Mister Chief hasn’t been a big winner in the Halo store. While the meme lives on, it’s evident the latest store update has only served to agitate the player base once again.

There’s no telling how soon Infinite’s model might change. But rest assured, 343 is aware of its “mistakes” and looking to fix things in a nearby update.