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Halo fans beg 343 to avoid nerfing “perfect” Assault Rifle

Published: 23/Dec/2021 21:21

by André González Rodríguez


Halo Infinite fans want 343 to avoid nerfing the Assault Rifle, as they says it’s “perfect right now.”

Although the game has had less than an ideal reception, with a lack of playlists and frustrating challenges during its release, players still can’t get enough of Halo Infinite. 

Suiting up your spartan, grabbing a weapon of choice and going into a gunfight has never been better. 

Master Chief with gun
343 Industries
Halo Infinite was officially released on December 8 after an Open Beta Multiplayer release on November 15.

There are over 22 weapons that players can use in the game. Some are littered throughout the map, and others, like the Assault Rifle, get put into Spartans’ hands upon beginning a match.

Halo fans beg 343 to not nerf the Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle has been a gun in the franchise since its first installment back in 2001, Halo. Even though it took a brief respite during Halo 2, it’s been part of every subsequent title since, and Halo Infinite is no different.


First brought up by Reddit user throwingawayboyz on the official Halo subreddit, the Redditor pleaded 343 in their post to “please not nerf the AR.”

Please don’t nerf the AR. from halo

They later explained why they felt this way, saying, “I’ve been waiting since 2007 for an AR that’s actually good. Infinite finally delivered. If 343 decides to nerf it back to its mediocre CQC spray down archetype, it’ll be like I lost my son.”

As a gun that’s usually thrown to the wayside in favor of the Battle Rifle in previous Halos, the Assault Rifle seeing more usage is a welcome sight for many Halo fans. This can be seen by the echoing of throwingawayboyz sentiments in the Reddit thread.


The Assault Rifle is many players weapon of choice.

“AR is perfect right now. It’s good but it’ll still be beaten by a perfect BR or pistol even at close range,” said one. “Also, I really don’t think it has as much range as people say —‌  it’s in the perfect spot right now.”

With new multiplayer playlists added, Halo fans will be able to keep enjoying the Assault Rifle in its current state. Only time will tell if 343 decides to make any changes to the weapon.