Halo Infinite leaks reveal brand new weapon and teleportation equipment

Halo Infinite new weapon header image343 Industries

The latest Halo Infinite leaks reveal a new weapon is coming to the game as well as brand new piece of equipment that could shake up multiplayer gameplay in a big way.

New Halo Infinite videos have been leaked online by DeltaIndex. The leaks give players their first look yet at a brand new weapon, the M392 Bandit Rifle, as well as a fresh new piece of equipment called the Quantum Translocator.

Based on the brief snippets of gameplay footage that leaked, the Bandit Rifle appears to be a close-range version of the DMR with Iron Sights placed on top of the weapon instead of a long-range scope that a DMR is usually equipped with in previous Halo games. 

The sound when the bullets are fired off hint that the gun is likely to deal a fair bit of damage, with the footage revealing that the gun can hold up to 15 bullets per clip and hold up to three extra clips of ammo as well. Given the game already features two UNSC rifles – Battle Rifle and the Commando – it will be interesting to see how a third works when thrown into the mix. Especially given that this new gun will be competing with Halo Infinite’s Battle Rifle, one of the best weapons in the game.

And while rumors about the inclusion of an updated DMR have been circulating for some time, the new Quantum Translocator equipment has been kept mostly under wraps by devs 343 Industries. However, now that the cat is out of the bag, fans are already voicing online how big this new gameplay element could be for the Halo franchise.

In essence, the Quantum Translocator appears to be a teleportation device. In the leaked footage, the user can be seen dropping down the device which takes the form of an orb. They then move to a different part of the map, activate the Translocator, and are then transported directly back to the location where the orb was dropped.

What makes this new device a potential game changer is that players can also use it midair and even when falling off the map. Hypothetically, a player could be pushed or shot off the map but if they have placed the Quantum Translocator down, they can transport back into the game.

The footage does show the device being used on a smaller scale so it will be interesting to see how the Quantum Translocator works on bigger multiplayer maps such as Behemoth and Deadlock.

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