Halo battle royale rumors reignited by leaked ‘Tatanka’ screenshot

halo infinite big team battle343 Industries

A leaked screenshot has reinvigorated rumors of a Halo battle royale, allegedly displaying the BR’s codename and references to a ‘last player standing’ mode. 

Halo battle royale rumors have been swirling around the 343 title for some time. While aspects of Halo Infinite were praised – the readiness of its esports scene, for example – the game’s release was largely considered underwhelming as bugs, glitches and a lack of fan-favorite modes dominated the player-base agenda.  

Despite the disappointment, though, fans of the futuristic FPS title have had quiet hopes for a battle royale to allay their concerns. 

Like Warzone 2, it is reportedly slated for a late 2022 release but, unlike its CoD counterpart, has not yet been confirmed or detailed by the developers. That may be about to change, though, as new details appear to surface via leaks. 

New Halo leak sheds more light on BR release and modes

In an August 19 tweet, Twitter’s HaloHub shared a leaked image that appears to show listings for the battle royale in an in-game menu. 

The battle royale has reportedly been given the codename ‘Tatanka’, which features heavily in the apparent leak. 

It shows multiple versions of Tatanka, including Triples, Quads and FFA. Not only do they fit with the classic versions of battle royale players have come to expect, but the description present also fits with the BR formula. 

It reads: “Welcome to the ring. Emerge victorious by being the last player standing.” 

The build shown is obviously an early version, but players did also point out the size of the list featured, suggesting there’s plenty of modes in the works. 

It will only augment existing player excitement, with the only thing lacking from Halo’s battle royale official 343 confirmation. 

We can expect that to come soon if the 2022 release date proves to be accurate but, like all leaks, it’s worth taking these with a grain of salt until we see more definitive evidence.