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Dramatic Halo Infinite clutch ends in disaster for summit1g

Published: 24/Nov/2021 0:17 Updated: 24/Nov/2021 16:48

by Alec Mullins


Halo Infinite launched on Nov. 15 and the arena shooter has been enjoying its time in the virtual spotlight ever since. Plenty of big streamers have been giving 343 Industries’ latest project a chance, with Jaryd “Summit1g” Lazar being only one of many to join the fold. The former Counter-Strike pro’s time on the game has gone a little differently than most though.

While Infinite has been getting rave reviews elsewhere on the internet, Summit’s experience seemed to be a bit of a mixed bag. That’s partly because just when things were starting to heat up in a Capture the Flag match, his game decided playtime was over.


Summit1g’s Halo Infinite clutch gets interrupted in the worst way

343 Industries
Halo Infinite has launched with a lot of fanfare but Summit’s experience wasn’t the most pleasant.

Summit’s team was down 0-2 when he managed to pull the flag out of the opposing team’s base. Going straight down the center, the FPS veteran makes it to about mid-map before being chased down by the enemy team.

It seemed hopeless for a moment, but then a random teammate swooped in to save the day, clearing the enemies off the flag and inching the flag closer to being captured.

Of course, that’s when Summit’s game crashed, permanently disconnecting him from the lobby.

Unlike Apex Legends or Valorant, if your game crashes in Halo Infinite, there’s no way to rejoin a lobby at all.


This is a fairly common issue for Infinite players, but that doesn’t make it any less heartbreaking when it comes along.

Summit explained that the game must have crashed because it could tell he was having a good time: “It was getting fun. Fun detected, boys.”

Until 343 comes along with a more dedicated solution, we have a way to stop this from happening for anyone who is worried about their own game getting interrupted like Summit’s.