xQc loses it over “CSGO” cheater in GTA RP NoPixel public server

André González Rodríguez
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After watching a clip of a player using CSGO-like cheats in NoPixel’s public server, it seems that Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel is completely content on exclusively playing on the private server.

xQc is undoubtedly one of the biggest GTA RP NoPixel streamers on Twitch, playing the undoubtedly selfish character named Jean Paul, the French Canadian is a menace in Los Santos.

From his day one antics of trying to rob houses with lock picks, to solo attempts at hitting banks — you name it, xQc has done it all. This, in turn, has granted him notoriety as one of the most famous criminals in the city.

But this fame is exclusive to NoPixel’s private server. As it stands, NoPixel mainly focuses on it, although having released a public server on June 4. Both are separate, but the public server promotes a more loose-fitting set of restrictions, which, unfortunately, means there are higher chances for cheaters.

xQc next to GTA RP vault
Twitch: xQcOW / NoPixel / Rockstar
xQc plays Jean Paul in NoPixel

xQc loses it over “CSGO” cheater in GTA RP NoPixel public server

During his stream on December 10, xQc went on to explain how he witnessed a player using CSGO-like cheats.

“I saw people on the public server Discord and s**t,” he said. “There’s some guy playing on stretched resolution with a f**king crosshair on screen, low graphics with a mod that removes all shadows and all skies, [an] enhanced brightness for players and a weird blood color for hits…like actual CSGO, dude.”

The streamer was able to find a clip of the cheater utilizing all of these cheats. He then proceeded to show the clip and began uncontrollably laughing. “My man’s on Discord.”

Cheating like this is certainly unusual on NoPixel GTA RP servers, more so on the private than public ones. Like any game, cheating can be a huge problem and even a roleplay server is not exempt from it.