Sykkuno becomes Squid Game’s villainous Front Man in chaotic GTA RP game

Sykkuno Squid GameRockstar Games/

Sykkuno and his friends have become the villains from Korean sensation Squid Game in GTA RP, recreating the now-iconic Red Light, Green Light game in a hilarious event that quickly devolved into chaos.

Squid Game is a Korean television drama that pits down-on-their-luck players against each other in increasingly deadly competitions in a bid to escape poverty. While the stakes may not be as high in GTA RP, that doesn’t mean the entertainment value is lessened at all.

In a recent stream, Sykkuno and friends gathered to recreate the opening game from the show – a version of the children’s game Red Light, Green Light. Green Light means start running, Red light means stop in place.

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The objective was clear: listen to the commands of the game’s leader as you attempt to cross a busy highway. While the rules of the game are pretty simple, the execution is a lot more complicated.

Sykkuno plays GTA RP’s new Squid Game

Sykkuno recreated Squid Game in GTA RPNetflix
The Squid Game series has captivated viewers across the globe.

Things got off to a pretty good start with every contestant making it safely through the first Red Light, but it didn’t take long for chaos to erupt on the road.

The situation was already wild enough before Sykkuno tried to encourage his friends to start firing into the crowd, but that turned out to be an unnecessary step as cars continued to punish players at every opportunity.

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It all seemed pretty grim but a few lucky GTA players managed to avoid the cruel fate of being flattened by oncoming vehicles and make it all the way to the end. While the prize pool wasn’t specified, it does sound like everyone who made it across is going to get a share of the pot for their troubles.

The rest of the show’s activities are probably too complicated for GTA Online, but it sure would be fun to see Tug of War figured out in this same manner.