Summit1g gets emotional return to GTA RP NoPixel server with touching moment

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Twitch star Jaryd ‘summit1g’ Lazar has finally made his return to GTA RP’s NoPixel server and it was emotional.

The variety streamer is behind one of the most well-known criminals in all of Los Santos, Charles Johnson, with the character making his mark over the years on NoPixel with various heists and police chases.

That said, summit has not been as active in Grand Theft Auto V’s popular roleplay server in 2022.

On October 27, the leader of the 1G Squad decided to make a comeback and it wasn’t long before he was met with a touching tribute that all members of the GTA RP community will appreciate.

Summit1g returns to GTA RP NoPixel server

In July 2020, an icon of the server – Kenny ‘Blue622’ Tancredi – passed away in real life at 30 years old. He helped summit1g get into the game and guided many Twitch streamers in the early days of RP.

Having come back to the server this Halloween season, summit discovered a new reference to the late gamer and it made for an emotional moment on stream.

Eyeing up another player’s bling, Lazar noticed a “crazy” upgraded chain that they were wearing. Seconds later, he realized it was a way to remember Blue622.

“You seen this before? I’ve never even seen this… He’s got his own personal chain gang, look, he’s got the 622 on there.”

While the streamer took a moment off camera, the Twitch chat filled up with love for Blue622. A flood of blue hearts and messages about how he helped so many other streamers.

As one comment put it, he will “never be forgotten” by the NoPixel community.

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