Rockstar isn’t “fully working” on GTA 6 yet according to insider

GTA 6 development detailsRockstar Games/Steam

A reputable GTA 6 leaker has revealed some extremely troublesome details about how development on the game is proceeding as fans anticipate Rockstar to finally release a trailer.

GTA 6 has become an enigma within the video game landscape. While Rockstar has announced that production on the title is “well underway,” not much is officially known about the upcoming open-world game.

Recently, reports have indicated that Rockstar plans to release the game in 2024-2025, citing “very turbulent” development as the reason for such a late launch.

Now, prominent insider TezFunz2 has made a shocking revelation on the game’s development, explaining how Rockstar may not have been fully begun work on GTA 6.

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Insider reveals troublesome GTA 6 development details

In a thread on Twitter, TezFunz2 revealed that remastered versions of GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption had been scrapped after the abysmal reception to GTA Trilogy Definitive Editon.

When asked if Rockstar still planned on releasing future updates to GTA Trilogy, TezFunz2 claimed that they were, but they were slowing down. The reason? To work on GTA 6.

“They are still doing bug fixes for Trilogy DE, but it’s slowing down as focus increases and Rockstar starts fully working on GTA VI,” the insider said.

This information was met with confusion for those following the thread, with many under the assumption that Rockstar was already full-steam ahead on the sixth installment in the GTA franchise.

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Additionally, a recent report by Kotaku backed up TezFunz2’s claims, adding that Rockstar’s main goal now is to refocus its resources on GTA 6.

Shockingly, this news comes after Dexerto first reported that Rockstar employees had begun to advertise their work on GTA 6 on their LinkedIn profiles, seemingly suggesting that news about the game was imminent.

It’s unclear exactly how much of the game Rockstar has completed up until this point, but with development not fully commencing as of yet, it seems like it may still be a while before we hear about an official release date.