Rockstar drops big hint over GTA Online summer update start date

Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games seems to have dropped a major hint for when the anticipated GTA Online Summer Update will be arriving this year. 

For months, GTA Online players have been looking forward to the game’s Summer DLC update from the developers.

While it’s unknown what new content will be arriving, we might just know when the Summer update will happen – thanks to the devs themselves.

Rockstar updates hint at GTA Online Summer Update

In a tweet on July 4, a well-known leaker called Tez2 reported that new updates on the PC version of GTA Online could indicate the Summer Update is getting closer and closer.

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They claim it could be more proof that the previously leaked date of Tuesday, July 19 is indeed when the update will drop.

Of course, none of this is set in stone, but it’s not the only thing pointing to a July 19 release date, either.

GTA+ membership teases GTA Online Summer Update

Rockstar Games
GTA+ has been widely criticized, but is handy for figuring out when updates will happen.

The current GTA+ membership period is set to end on July 18, which makes the Summer update starting on July 19 even more plausible.

So, while we don’t know for sure when the GTA Online Summer Update is happening, we can make a pretty educated guess.

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Now all there is to see is what new content will be added when things finally do go live.

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