GTA 6 reportedly still years away due to “very turbulent” development

Eleni Thomas
GTA 6 female protagonist
Rockstar Games

Despite being in the works for years, there has been little to no news regarding the development timeline of GTA 6. However, a recent claim from an industry insider suggests the game is still a long time away from release.

After the mammoth success that has become GTA V, fans have been waiting patiently for any news or updates as to when they can expect a new GTA game to drop. With GTA V almost being a 10-year-old game at this point, fans are expecting GTA 6 to be well in the works.

Rockstar did confirm earlier this year that GTA 6 was in fact in development but other than that small confirmation, nothing else has really been said. Though much appears to have been leaked online about the potential storyline and characters of the game. In the latest report, an insider has seemingly revealed that the game is nowhere near ready for release. 

As first reported in, notable GTA 6 insider Tom Henderson has discussed the potential release date for GTA 6 and given a status update on how its development is fairing.

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Rockstar Games
Given the ongoing success of GTA V, Rockstar appears to be in no rush to release the next entry.

According to Henderson, GTA 6 development is “very turbulent” at this point in time but assures that this instability shouldn’t cause too much alarm. That these issues are simply standard development setbacks like personnel change-ups and of course, delays as a result of the ongoing global crisis.

Henderson also stated that he expects GTA 6 to launch in either 2024 or 2025. Given that this release date has been heavily rumored and discussed for months now, it’s likely that this time frame is quite accurate.

While it may reassure players to hear that the game’s development is seemingly on track, odds are it won’t stop fans from creating even more memes about the game’s delayed release.

The lingering release of GTA 6 has now been to compared to the way Half-Life 3 is still to this day discussed and wished for. 

GTA V still managing to sell well after almost 10 years

Meanwhile, GTA V is still managing to uphold its legacy as one of the best-selling games of all time. After initially releasing in 2013, GTA V has gone on to have multiple remastered versions and re-releases to great success. 

Unfortunately, not everything has been smooth sailing for Rockstar when it comes to remasters. The developers were under major criticism after Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition dropped last year. The remaster was touted as a failure by many due to its vast performance issues and graphical bugs.

The game featured updated versions of the beloved GTA III, Vice City, and San Andreas titles. Unfortunately, these remastered versions were barely playable and were riddled with game-breaking glitches.

GTA Definitive Edition cover
Rockstar Games
Players were extremely disappointed following the Definitive Edition’s problematic launch.

With the failure of Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition still very much so on the minds of fans, here’s hoping Rockstar are able to release some sort of update for GTA 6 soon to help renew excitement and anticipation for its eventual release.