GTA 6 fans want Bully feature copied to improve Wanted Level system

gta police officers and police carRockstar Games

GTA 6 is quite possibly the most anticipated game in development right now, and fans have shared feedback on a Bully feature they’d love to be added to upgrade Grand Theft Auto 6’s Wanted Level system.

It’s exciting times for GTA fans at the moment as the annual GTA Online Summer Update is looming large and the thought of new GTA 6 info dropping is an exciting prospect.

Each day seems to spring new rumors regarding Rockstar’s newest sandbox title, some are interesting such as the prospect of Michael and Niko featuring in the game, and also negatives in GTA 6’s development being reportedly “turbulent.”

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Away from speculation, GTA 6 fans have their wishlist of features and opportunities they want in the game, and one Bully (Canis Canem Edit) gameplay aspect has been earmarked for a potential GTA 6 role.

jimmy hopkins fighting student in bullyRockstar Games
Fighting was one of the many ways you could get into trouble in Bully.

Bully Wanted Level feature to spice up GTA 6?

Rockstar’s 2006 Bully shared many similarities to the GTA games that had preceded it, but it also came up with new ideas of its own that made sense, and loyal fans would like to see them used in the upcoming GTA 6.

For instance, whenever you committed a crime in Bully, not only would the game’s version of a Wanted Level (Trouble Meter) increase, but your offense would be described, and a color indicator would suggest how severe the crime was.

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A GTA Reddit user has gone into detail on the idea and how GTA 6 could incorporate it: “What if in GTA 6, we’d see our Criminal Offence written under the wanted stars, with it going from pale yellow to hot pink depending on severity? It’d be cool if we only had police automatically come to our area if we did something major like Murder-Police Officer or Arson, you’d get 3 stars and hear over the police scanner to get there ASAP.”

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The user also described the potential repercussions of six stars and what it could mean: “6 stars would come after you’ve done multiple heinous, high profile crimes and the offense could be ‘Domestic Terrorism’.”

One commenter explained how Red Dead Redemption 2 could have an influence on this: “In Red Dead 2 you already kind of had a witness system where people had to report you to a sheriff to actually become wanted so I’m hoping they expand on that.”

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It’s fair to say that there are probably a million things GTA 6 fans would do to make the game a classic, but this would certainly be a nice reinvention of the Wanted system.

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