GTA Online trick gets around annoying ‘saving failed’ bug

Connor Bennett

Grand Theft Auto Online players have found an easy way to get around the “saving failed” bug that has begun cropping up on PC.

Getting a leg up and building an empire in GTA Online can be a bit of a grind. You’ve got to work hard if you go into the business route, hope you don’t get griefed by other players, and then pray that the Rockstar servers save at the right time.

The latter has become a problem for PC players in particular in recent weeks as a “saving failed” message has been appearing on-screen. As it says, the game won’t save and then if you decide to quit, all of your progress will be lost.

This can, obviously, be incredibly annoying if you’ve just sold a business shipment or completed a heist, but some players have got a temporary workaround.

GTA Online has been hampered by bugs.

The solution comes from Reddit user MottX, who suggests that the answer lies in quitting out of the Grand Theft Auto V application for just a few moments.

According to the Redditor’s tip, if you Alt+F4 out of GTA V, wait a few seconds, and then hop back in, this should force the game into a save and then give you a save successful message in the bottom corner. 

  1. Alt+F4 out of GTA V
  2. Wait until the option to quit appears
  3. Press escape and go back into GTA V
  4. Wait a few seconds and the game should save

MottX suggests that this method has “worked every time” for them and “consistently” for their friends too, though, results might vary if you’re trying it out for yourself. 

Obviously, there are other ways to force GTA V into a save situation. If you’re playing GTA Online, change a part of your outfit and then exit the changing area. This should kick things in action but you never know what mood the Rockstar servers are in.

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