How to fast travel with taxis in GTA Online

Yellow and blue taxi parked at taxi company in GTA onlineRockstar Games

GTA Online players can now use the Downtown Cab Co to fast travel across Los Santos. Though, it’ll come at a cost. So, here’s everything you need to know. 

When it comes to getting around Los Santos, there are plenty of options on offer in GTA Online, but with so many trolls out there, fast travel is the best way to avoid trolls and enemies with a vengeance.

Now, there are a few ways to fast travel around the map, including the Kosatka submarine, and Casino helicopter service. Though, you’ve got to own the submarine and have a Diamond Casino membership to use them. 

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Rockstar have finally added a fast travel option in the form of taxis from Downtown Cab Co, as players can also use the business to make some cash with the Taxi Jobs. Though, if you’re more interested in fast travel, here’s what you need to know.

How to use taxi Fast Travel in GTA Online

The Fast Travel taxi works the exact same in GTA Online as it does in the story mode. That’s right, you call up the Downtown Cab Co contact on your phone and they’ll send a cab out to you.

Now, this may take a few minutes depending on where you are in Los Santos, so make sure you’re in a position where the taxi can reach you – which means standing by the side of the road somewhere. 

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Once the taxi arrives, simply hop on in and select one of the pre-defined destinations. Yes, sadly, you are restricted to some locations that have blips on the map, but at least a custom waypoint can be set.

  1. Call Downtown Cab Co on your phone
  2. Wait for the taxi to arrive
  3. Hop in and select your destination 
  4. Press A/X/Enter for the Trip Skip option (Fast Travel)

GTA Online taxi trip skip cost & cooldown

As noted, this is a Fast Travel option, but it’s not exactly free. If you choose to skip the cab ride, it will cost you $1000. Obviously, that’s a drop in the ocean to some players, but its a fair bit to others. 

However, be warned that if you do use the Fast Travel skip, it will have a 48-minute cooldown. So, you can’t just spam it. There is a 5-minute cooldown for GTA+ members too. 

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This could, obviously, change if Rockstar decides to get generous, but most things have a 48-minute cooldown in GTA Online anyway.

If anything changes, we’ll be sure to update this article, so be sure to check back for me.