How to get Vigero ZX in GTA Online

Andrew Highton
vigero zx parked in gta onlineRockstar Games

As part of GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprises DLC expansion, Rockstar Games has added tons of content with the Vigero ZX arguably being the pick of the bunch.

Even after all these years, new content is still being pumped into Grand Theft Auto 5’s online component – GTA Online.

The Criminal Enterprises content drop brought with it the usual array of new characters, jobs, activities, weapons, and, most importantly, new cars.

One car that has had players really hyped for its arrival is the Vigero ZX. An expensive brute with tons of beauty to admire, the 2-door car is a must if you’re really into owning the game’s large library of automobiles.

If you’re unsure of how to add this beast to your garage, then stay tuned as we’ve got all the details you need to know to acquire the Vigero ZX in GTA Online.

GTA Online’s Vigero ZX: How to buy

In order to procure the Vigero ZX and give yourself the opportunity to drive it around Los Santos, you’ll simply need to head to Southern San Andreas Super Autos and be prepared to part with the eye-watering sum of $1,947,000.

Now, this is a lot of money no matter how rich you are in GTA Online, but try to get your hands on the Panther Statue or any of the other easy ways to bring income in and this should get you to the promised land in no time.

To sell you on the idea of the Vigero ZX even more, here’s the official description of this amazing vehicle: “Want to wield a hunk of muscle that would make the buffest gym bros and lamest ego lifters cry? Forget Bull Shark Testosterone. If you’re looking to bulk up, try the Vigero ZX, and enjoy fast gains that won’t leave you with nips the size of dinner plates.

Criminal Enterprises is now in the bag along with the Cayo Perico Heist and The Contract and depending on the progress on GTA 6 behind the scenes, it could very well turn out to be the final one.