GTA Trilogy player discovers “cursed” CJ in San Andreas remaster

GTA San Andreas screenshot showing a drive-by shootingRockstar

The GTA Trilogy remasters are out now, and fans have spotted plenty of graphical glitches – including a haunting look at CJ in San Andreas.

After being rumored for years, remasters of three of the GTA franchise’s most iconic titles landed yesterday. GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas are all back with an overhauled art style, but fans have been having plenty of fun toying with the games to bring out some unique bugs and oddities.

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One such player spotted that if players use the first-person mode while driving one of San Andreas’ quad bikes, they’ll be presented with an unsettling look at lead character CJ that’s sure to make the GTA Trilogy live long in the memory.

GTA San Andreas screenshot showing Grove Street shooting out of a carRockstar Games
No amount of shooting can remove CJ’s haunting image from our minds.

GTA Trilogy San Andreas remaster features haunting look at CJ

By turning the camera back onto the game’s protagonist, players can see CJ staring blankly into the camera with a half-smile. His expression never changes, even as he causes carnage with his driving – he’s just always looking into the player’s soul.

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You can see it in action in the Reddit post below, courtesy of u/The_Friendly_Bro.

We think you’ll agree that it’s not something you’ll forget in a hurry.

If the front of CJ’s face isn’t terrifying enough, then the following clip shows the camera going inside his head.

It’s clear that there are plenty of glitches alive and well in all three games of the GTA Trilogy, and many players likely wouldn’t have it any other way – even if these two feel like Halloween latecomers.

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