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GTA Trilogy players flame Rockstar after “highly modified” mobile port files found

Published: 29/Nov/2021 16:14

by Andrew Highton


A hacker has found evidence to back up the claims that the recent GTA Trilogy Remaster is nothing more than a slightly enhanced version of the mobile ports.

Grove Street Games’ GTA Trilogy release of the original, PS2-era Grand Theft Auto games did not go down very well. The launch of the three beloved games was met with almost universal condemnation from fans and many players have demanded refunds.

The definitive versions of GTA III, GTA: Vice City, and GTA: San Andreas were rife with bugs and glitches at launch, and the Rockstar logo was incorrect. One of the biggest theories surrounding the failure of the GTA Trilogy has been that it’s simply a port of the mobile phone versions – just slightly upgraded.


Now, new evidence has come to life via a GTA Trilogy hacker that seems to support this.

big smoke firing gun in san andreas
Rockstar Games
The GTA Trilogy hasn’t quite brought the smoke.

The information came via GTA hacker @NationalPepper who posted photographic evidence to their Twitter. They said: “Lol. Here is another confirmation that we are playing highly modified mobile ports. There is still this widget left in the code, which asks you to choose touch controls.”

To support the message, a picture quite clearly showed a controls menu with mentions of “quick finger flicks” and “placing your thumb on the lower left of the screen.” Not only this, but the hacker also found the identical screen prompt asking you to pick touch controls on the mobile port, and PS3.

The selection screen is the same across every platform and confirms that the Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition is a slightly updated and reworked version for modern-day consoles.

Twitter users responded to the findings with one person saying: “And they charge $60 for mobile games that cost a total of $16.99.” They also showed the original cost of the mobile ports before they were removed as an option to buy in anticipation of the Trilogy mobile port next year.

tommy vercetti and lance vance posing
Rockstar Games
Fans have been disappointed with the GTA Trilogy launch.

Commenter SoulsMike also responded to the OP’s original statement that the Trilogy is a “highly modified” version of the ports saying: “Highly modified” is being a bit generous with the wordage at this point I think.”

Rockstar is doing its best to ensure that the GTA Trilogy is up-to-scratch, but it seems like the San Andreas fan remake is already a more complete version of the Trilogy.