GTA Trilogy players stunned by Definitive Edition’s performance on Netflix

John Esposito
GTA Trilogy players stunned by Definitive Edition’s performance on Netflix

Now that the GTA Trilogy is playable via Netflix, fans are shocked by how good the Definitive Edition looks on mobile devices.

Netflix shocked the gaming scene when reports broke the streaming service would get its hands on Grand Theft Auto. The capacity was unknown until Netflix announced the much-maligned GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition would hit the platform.

For the unaware, the Definitive Edition brings three GTA titles together — GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andres — with upgraded graphics, HUD reworks, and more. However, its console release was blasted to bits by fans and players alike due to countless bugs and performance issues, causing players to demand refunds a la Cyberpunk 2077.

In a surprise turn of events, the Definitive Edition runs great on mobile devices via Netflix, and fans are just as shocked at that discovery.

GTA players compare Definitive Edition versions

The Definitive Edition joined Netflix on December 14, granting mobile players a chance to play said game, provided they have an account with the streaming platform. 

Since its release, fans have been very vocal on social media, sharing their opinions, and they’ve been shockingly positive. Numerous threads, posts, and screenshots all share the same feedback that it looks great. Dare say: even “far superior” compared to its console and PC counterparts, as Twitter/X user LegacyKillaHD commented.

Upon playing the Definitive Edition on mobile devices, the in-game settings offer a suite of customizable features. For example, “Classic Lighting” restores the look and feel of the sky from the original titles. Rockstar confirmed this feature’s existence on the game’s launch, along with a few other improvements.

Many are hoping the console/PC versions will get this same treatment, but with all eyes on GTA 6, it seems unlikely Rockstar will pivot. However, there was the random 60 FPS patch for Red Dead Redemption, so don’t rule it out yet.

GTA: The Trilogy – Definitive Edition is available now via Netflix, provided you’re a subscriber. Check out our guide on how to play them, or you can purchase each separately through the App Store or Google Play for $20.

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