GTA RP streamer Ramee signs exclusive deal with Facebook Gaming


Twitch streamer Ramee, popular for his GTA RP streams on the NoPixel server, announced he signed a deal to stream exclusively with Facebook Gaming.

Facebook Gaming continues to poach popular creators from rival platform Twitch, with GTA streamer Ramee now joining the FB ranks.

Ramee joins a long list of GTA RP streamers that have signed deals with Facebook, like Vader and dasMEHDI, each who signed with Facebook over the last year.

rameeRamee/Rockstar Games
Ramee is known for his GTA RP streams, which will now be only on Facebook.

Ramee signs with Facebook Gaming

On December 1, Ramee dropped a video that announced he’d be shifting over from Twitch to Facebook.

In the video he said, “To be honest with you, this is the biggest decision I’ve had to make in my whole career. I’m super excited about it and cannot wait.”

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Tons of support for the young streamer came through after the announcement, with even congratulations from YouTube star Valkyrae who is a big fan of GTA RP.

The Ramee signing shows Facebook Gaming is aggressive in its pursuit of young, talented streamers of the GTA RP variety. According to stats from Streamlabs, Facebook Gaming outperformed YouTube Gaming from July to September 2021.

YouTube have also shown its willingness to dish out money for popular streamers, as they signed Ludwig away from Twitch on November 29.