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GTA Online Valentine’s Day event – everything we know

Published: 8/Jan/2020 12:37

by David Purcell


Another exciting event is just around the corner in Grand Theft Auto Online as Rockstar Games prepares for its Valentine’s Day celebrations in-game once again. 

The game’s developers have revealed a number of interesting changes to their action-adventure game in recent times, including a seasonal change in weather for the winter impacting the map – with snow falling – as well as boosts to rewards and payouts for certain times of the year.

However, those waiting for the game’s first major event for 2020 won’t need to wait much longer as February is usually the month where they start mixing things up. Let’s take a look at everything we know, and expect, from the Valentine’s Day event this year.

When does the Valentine’s Day event start in GTA?

Previous Valentine’s Day events in GTA Online have been given different names, whether it be the Valentine’s Day Massacre or the Be My Valentine strapline, but one thing is for certain – they pretty much start at the same time every year.

Rockstar Games

Falling on February 14, Valentine’s Day is one of many seasonal events on the normal calendar that has an impact on things in Los Santos and beyond. In previous years, the event in-game has kicked off between February 10-14.

Events for Valentine’s Day have featured in GTA 5 since 2016 and there’s no reason to suggest it won’t launch at the same time in 2020 as well.

GTA Valentine’s Day event details

The event is still yet to be confirmed by Rockstar on their official Newswire page, although looking back at last year’s event should provide players with a basic understanding of what usually goes down.

Expect to see a number of changes made to rewards during the event, with the likes of Adversary mode usually handing out double or treble the payouts, as well as boosts to RP bonuses. Last year, Till Death Do Us Part was a game mode available in Adversary which could be entered at five different romantic locations, allowing couples to come together and take part in the “ultimate quadruple date.”

If there’s one thing Rockstar has done better than many other developers in the last decade, though, it’s their ability to surprise gamers with new content. So, don’t rule out something completely different arriving alongside this event.

As soon as details are confirmed by the developers, we’ll be the first to let you know.


Possible GTA 6 teaser hidden in new GTA Online heist trailer

Published: 23/Nov/2020 23:59

by Michael Gwilliam


Grand Theft Auto Online fans have discovered a possible GTA 6 teaser hidden within the newest trailer for the game’s latest heist.

It seems like every month or so there is some sort of leak or rumor about the long-awaited GTA 6, but Rockstar has yet to reveal any information on the highly-anticipated, albeit inevitable title.

Instead, the company has gone all-in with GTA Online content and has begun teasing the newest mode known as the Cayo Perico heist.

One of the teasers for the heist was uploaded to YouTube with the title “surveil.exe.”

GTA Online new heist
Rockstar Games
GTA Online’s newest heist kicks off December 15.

In it, secretive-looking security footage with a green tint shows a body by the beach, with a briefcase and some farmland. Notably, on the bottom of the screen there are some coordinates labeled “38.527A N; 79.6129A W.”

Most fans would probably just ignore this or chop it up as Rockstar trying to add some neat visual flair to make the footage seem more mysterious.

However, others decided to do some digging and tried searching for the coordinates on Google Maps. What they ended up seeing was either purposefully intended by Rockstar or one heck of a coincidence. If it’s intentional this would be the first-ever official GTA VI teaser.

Rockstar appears to tease GTA VI

As you can see, Twitter user Wellgamer discovered that this pulls up a winding road that takes the shape of a “VI.”

“The only job I had was to get the exact coordinate, get each image square from the G-Maps and reassemble the entire image, making the image look better,” Wellgamer explained and added that the road is from Virginia, United States.

The GTA games often use roman numerals instead of standard numbers, so if this was an intentional Easter egg from Rockstar, could this mean Virginia will be connected to GTA 6 in some capacity?

It’s expected that whenever GTA 6 is revealed it will have a connection to Vice City, so Virginia seems like a bit of a wildcard all things considered. Maybe it’s VIrginia instead of VIce City?

Nonetheless, we can only hope that this is a sign that Rockstar is preparing for a big announcement in the future and we won’t have much longer to wait until the next entry in the series is revealed.