GTA Online update removes “95%” of anti-cheat and players are baffled

Connor Bennett
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A fresh GTA Online patch has removed “95%” of the game’s anti-cheat, but it’s only going to affect PC players it seems. 

It doesn’t matter how hard a developer tries, cheaters and hackers typically find their way through and start ruining the experience for plenty of players. 

In the case of GTA Online, cheats like God Mode, infinite ammo, and even wackier things like transforming other players into a big ball have been prevalent over the years. For the most part, these only affect PC players, given that you can actually mod the game over there. 

Rockstar Games have, over the years, clamped down on mod menus by going after cheat sellers and hackers, but they still appear in-game. They might just get a bit more leeway too, seeing as the devs have gutted part of the anti-cheat system. 

GTA Online removes “95%” of anti-cheat in surprise update

That’s right, following an update on October 26, Rockstar Games have cut out “95%” of the game’s anti-cheat on PC. 

It was flagged by Rockstar insider TezFun, who tweeted: “In an odd move, the latest #GTAV PC patch removes essential components of the anti-cheat system. “Resulting in the removal of approximately 95% of the anti-cheat system.”

Some fans immediately raised their eyebrow at the move, questioning why Rockstar would make such a move. “Basically a buff for mod menus tbh,” said one. “It doesn’t really do anything so they can even delete it,” added another. “Well we won’t notice a difference anyhow,” commented another.

Others suggested that it might just be Rockstar preparing to launch a new anti-cheat system, especially with the big annual winter update just around the corner. 

It remains to be seen if this’ll be the case, but it’s clearly something that has bewildered some GTA fans and left them questioning what Rockstar has up their sleeve. Though, there are plenty that would just like them to get a move on and release GTA 6 instead.

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