GTA Online leaker reveals major changes after anti-cheat update on PC

michael aiming his gun in gta 5 onlineRockstar Games

GTA Online will soon receive more patch updates to combat excessive cheaters and exploits, according to leaks.

The battle between developers and hackers in GTA Online is something most players of the game are aware of by now. 

It has been an issue for a long time as Rockstar continues to put out patches in an attempt to stop cheaters and those abusing exploits.

From hackers ruining lobbies with God-mode to much bigger issues, like being able to corrupt the player’s PC through mod menus, have made the game almost unplayable without risk. Though, fear not, as it appears changes are on the way.

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GTA Online leaks reveal big changes after update

Reliable GTA Online leaker, Tez2, made a Twitter post on February 6 detailing a new patch coming out. 

They said the “recent patch addressed spoofed RIDs/names and made invite-only lobbies more secure, so no more cheaters joining uninvited.”

Tez2 goes into much more detail in a forum post explaining the changes and what it means for players.

They said: “If you live where the relay servers are or near them, depending on your firewall, you can expect your IP Address to be shielded in most cases. If you don’t, then your IP Address may still be shielded, but if the game notices that a direct connection is better off established with a player who lives nearby than a relay server miles away, your IP Address will be exposed to that nearby player.”

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GTA Online fans took to Reddit for the small win. One said: “Wow, fixing spoofed names is a big one. People won’t appreciate actually how massive a fix that is from a developer standpoint.”

Another user asked: “So this means it’s safe to play on PC now?” with a string of replies saying ‘Yes!’ and various celebratory gifs.

Players should be able to enjoy a game without the risk of their entire PC or console being hacked and bricked remotely.

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This is not a 100% fix to the problem, but the act of a hacker obtaining your IP address is significantly reduced. Hopefully for those affected, Rockstar keeps their efforts going to make the game safe for players to enjoy.