GTA Online turbo glitch is completely ruining car mods

David Purcell
GTA Online's Sabre car

[jwplayer I6dekNS8]Vehicle customization is everything for some Grand Theft Auto V players, with all sorts of bits and pieces available at Los Santos Customs, but don’t think you’re going crazy if your turbo upgrade randomly disappears. 

Turbo upgrades in GTA Online can be the difference between coming short in a race and being crowned the winner, taking home a big cash prize, although some players have reported issues with the feature in-game.

These can usually be bought from levels one to four, increasing the acceleration of the car with each upped level.

However, a strange glitch appears to removing those that have been purchased.

The Hot Rod Blazer in GTA Online
There are loads of custom parts and upgrades available at Los Santos Customs – but some aren’t working with a new bug.

On July 19, one Reddit user by the name of Elliot_J99- flagged it as an issue, and other members of the community appear to have discovered the same fate.

They posted: “Has anybody noticed the Turbo upgrade is disappearing off upgraded cars? I noticed my Issi Classic didn’t have it, then my Blista Kanjo, and now my Elegy RH8 has lost it too, so I think it’s safe to assume most, if not all of my vehicles have also lost the upgrade, no way this is a coincidence.”

The user has since submitted a ticket to Rockstar Games about the problem, hoping that it will be resolved in the not too distant future.

The longer that the issue persists in GTA Online, the more money players will spend on upgrades that they don’t have the chance to enjoy when driving their cars. Good news for players, though, is that these upgrades aren’t really too expensive and the game’s devs are handing out thousands each week in free Twitch Prime rewards. 

Nevertheless, hopefully, this bug will be ironed out with a hotfix shortly.