Rockstar reveals major changes to GTA Online Shark Card values

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Starting next month, Rockstar Games will adjust the values and availability of Shark Cards in GTA Online.

Shark Cards have long played a pivotal role in Grand Theft Auto Online’s in-game economy. The cards function as a premium currency, which users can purchase with their own real-world money.

From there, the currency is converted to GTA$, spendable in the online title on any number of digital items.

But news out of Rockstar Games notes that change peeks over the horizon in this regard, courtesy of forthcoming adjustments to the Shark Card system.

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Rockstar lays out upcoming changes Shark Cards in GTA Online

According to a new post on Rockstar’s Support site, the values and availability of Shark Cards will soon undergo an overhaul. The changes take effect on December 9, 2022, when the sale of Red Shark Cards will cease.

Meanwhile, players can expect the GTA$ value of all remaining Shark Cards to increase. The worth of the standard ‘Tiger’ card, for example, will go from GTA$ 200K to GTA$ 250K.

These changes also apply to GTA+, with its ‘Tiger’ card increasing in value from GTA$ 230K to GTA$ 287.5K. Rockstar outlined all of the adjustments in the following chart:

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gta online shark cardsRockstar Support
The new adjustments take effect on Friday, December 9.

Players who’ve yet to cash in their previously purchased Red Shark cards need not worry. The support page’s FAQ assures users can still claim these cards “at their original stated value.” Standard Red Shark cards are worth GTA$ 100K, while GTA+ Red Shark cards offer GTA$ 115,000 upon redemption.

The post further explains that those who redeem Shark Cards between November 24 and December 5 will see the value difference represented in the “associated MAZE bank account.”

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