GTA Online players find possible Pokemon easter egg in-game

Rockstar Games / Pokemon

GTA Online players are split on a possible in-game easter egg that has a striking resemblance to an iconic piece of Pokemon imagery.

For ages, GTA Online’s Pegassi Infernus has been a fan-favorite supercar to speed around in Los Santos.

But players have noticed unmistakable resemblances to a Pokeball casually incorporated as the car’s taillights, years after release.

“Is it just me or does this backlight look like a Pokeball,” Redditor ‘Ikea-Birdd’ said. Other GTA fans were quick to identify the famous item in Pokemon as well, with many sharing their thoughts if the reference was intentional.

“Every time I’m in the Infernus I think this,” another player said.

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GTA Online’s Pokeball easter egg?

Infernus GTA onlineRockstar Games
People can’t unsee the Pokeballs hiding in GTA Online’s Infernus.

Driving the Infernus gives people a clear look at the rear fender, giving people plenty of time to take notice of the brake lights.

There are four in total with two being completely red while the remaining lights have a white bottom half that illuminates when reversing.

The striking similarities to Pokemon’s simple Pokeball design are making people wonder if this was an intentional tribute from Rockstar Games.

Both franchises have been hallmarks of gaming for decades and the same questions have been asked before.

“I’ve always seen that,” another person said. “I remember when I was like 9 when I first got it. I thought it had some connection to like Pokemon Black 2.”

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GTA’s Pegassi Infernus is inspired by a mixture of real supercars with its rear taking cues from the Pagani Zonda and Spyker C8, per its Fandom page.’

pagani zonda lightsvia Carbuzz
Rear shot of the Pagani Zonda S.
Spyker C8 Laviolette LM85via Carscoops
The rear lights of the Spyker C8 Laviolette LM85.

By comparing the three vehicle designs, you can start to see Rockstar’s twist on the distinct taillights, with noticeable differences.

The final look for the GTA Online Infernus keeps it objectively different from its IRL inspirations while seemingly sneaking in a nod to Pokemon’s modus operandi to catch ‘em all.

Whether this is a hidden gem connecting the two franchises or fans stretching it, we’ll let you decide.