GTA Online players blast Rockstar as “outrageous” hacks are still ruining everything

GTA Online charcter in black outfit pointing shotgun at screenRockstar Games

GTA Online players remain furious with Rockstar Games as the game is still pretty unplayable despite the recent security patch aimed at combatting hackers. 

Just like plenty of other games, GTA Online has always had issues with hackers. They’ve always had the ability to troll other players, and many would, typically turning their foes into other items or making it rain – literally – with bags of money. 

However, in recent weeks, hackers have become a lot more prevalent and aggressive on PC. A lot of players have found themselves banned because a hacker has boosted their account level and others are regularly being disconnected from lobbies while in the middle of a job.

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Rockstar has sent out a security patch aimed at addressing the issues, but it doesn’t appear to have worked all that well. 

GTA Online still flooded with “outrageous” hacks despite security patch

A number of GTA Online players have taken to social media as they’re still furious with the state of the game on PC, as mod menus have caused a number of headaches. 

In some cases, as shown by Redditor NickyFlippers, hackers have been able to lock players in a cage on the beach and prevent them from doing anything else. “When will these clowns fix this game?” asked one player.

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“This is f*cking outrageous,” added another. “10 years and more for a game not yet fully stable and secured, well never mind there are lots of factors might be causing all this.”

Some players have resorted to sticking to invite-only sessions, seeing as they are “immensely safer” than public games. Though, that does mean you miss out on cash bonuses if you only have a few players in the lobby. 

It remains to be seen if Rockstar will be able to fully root out these issues or if they’ll persist. But, for now, be careful out there.

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