GTA Online players blast “greedy” Rockstar as they’re walking away after vehicle changes

Connor Bennett
GTA Online modded car

GTA Online players have, once again, hit out at Rockstar Games over their recent removal of almost 200 cars as they’ve started to look at playing different games instead. 

While the gaming world awaits GTA 6, Rockstar Games have been hard at work with GTA Online. The multiplayer side of GTA 5 is almost 10 years old at this point, but it’s still gotten plenty of new updates over the last few months. 

Two of the most recent updates, the Los Santos Mercenaries and Los Santos Drug Wars, brought a whole host of new vehicles to the game. However, it also came at a pretty big cost as well. 

Back in early June, Rockstar removed 195 cars from in-game dealerships to make room for quality-of-life fixes, updates, and new cars. And while they were old cars, it meant new players could no longer get their hands on them. Naturally, fans of the game were furious, seeing as the ones Rockstar added didn’t even come close to making up the numbers. 

GTA Online players still not happy over vehicle removals

A subsequent glitch with car insurance meant players lost a wide range of cars after being deleted, prompting many to call the game “unplayable” and walk away for a while. 

That issue has seen been addressed by Rockstar and plenty of players have gotten reimbursed for what they lost, but many are still staying away. “R* has done a lot of dumb and greedy s*it to GTA Online, but to me somehow this is the worst, and since that update I really do not wish to play the game even though the new content looks pretty interesting,” said Redditor AwsomEmils.

That prompted a number of similar responses. “To me it just showed Rockstar’s general lack of interest in their own player base once again,” replied one. “I haven’t played in weeks, been playing other stuff,” added another. “I haven’t played it since. Broke my 10-year streak. And I don’t care,” commented another. 

A number of players disagreed with those views, noting that the removal of the cars “sucks” but it hasn’t changed the core gameplay. 

“I already owned everything I wanted from those cars so it didn’t really affect me. Still, it is a shitty thing to do,” added another. 

As noted, Rockstar has continued to add new vehicles to the game on a drip-feed, but it is slow going.