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GTA Online Peyote Plant glitch is stealing weapons from players

Published: 9/Apr/2020 0:01

by David Purcell


Grand Theft Auto players are seeing their weapons disappear from their inventories after turning into animals in GTA Online, due to an unexpected bug. 

Rockstar Games are always looking to refresh the game’s online mode, adding content regularly with weekly updates. However, the latest addition which saw the return of Peyote Plants, spawning all over the map, hasn’t been going as expected for some members of the community.


Those who have interacted with the plants in-game will know that eating them will turn you into an animal, but some have realized that this isn’t the only impact it has on you. It seems to be stealing specific guns as well.

GTA Online animals
Rockstar Games
Turning into different animals in GTA Online is made possible by Peyote Plants – but they’re also causing glitches, it would seem.

The potential bug was flagged by Reddit user MutsumiHayase on April 8, just two days after an update went live in-game to bring the plants back.


They said: “Eating the Peyote Plant will permanently remove the Navy Revolver from your inventory,” warning players who want to keep the pistol to avoid the temptation of turning into an animal.

Its other use, however, would be for those looking to remove it from their inventory. In that case, there’s an argument that it could be useful.

Eating the Peyote Plant Will Permanently Remove the Navy Revolver From Your Inventory from gtaonline

Now, this glitch will be annoying for those who have obtained the Navy Revolver, as it’s not exactly the easiest weapon to get your hands on in GTA Online. It’s actually quite rare and can only be unlocked by completing two key challenges: ­solving the Los Santos Slasher mystery, and completing the Navy Revolver challenge.


It’s unclear as to how big an issue this is in GTA, although more than just this player have experienced bugs involving the gun. Another said: ” I can see now that my Navy Revolver is gone as well, nice. Not sure if it went at the same time or later from a Peyote plant, but if it was from the plant it didn’t remove anything else like explosives.”

Whether or not Rockstar are aware of the issue is unknown at this time, but it’s probably only a matter of time before they’re rotated back out of the game anyway.


Grand Theft Auto movie reportedly coming before GTA 6

Published: 4/Oct/2020 11:57

by Calum Patterson


Reports from sources who correctly revealed both the Resident Evil 4 remake and The Witcher Netflix series before their official announcements, are now claiming that a Grand Theft Auto movie is in development.

Despite no news of another GTA game (expected to be GTA 6), Rockstar is apparently focusing on another medium entirely for the franchise. According to WGTC, the Grand Theft Auto movie is likely to release before the next installment of the game.


It’s been over seven years since GTA V was released, back in September 2013. Red Dead Redemption 2 was Rockstar’s next major project, released in October 2018, and they have been pouring lots of resources into the ever-popular GTA Online.

But, perhaps their next project really is a movie adaptation of the iconic GTA franchise, as these sources have supposedly been on the money before.

Michael and Franklin from GTA V
Rockstar Games
A GTA movie would no doubt be a box-office hit.

The report claims that “the project is reportedly in the early stages and will loosely adapt the events of GTA V, presumably bringing us live-action versions of characters Michael, Franklin and Trevor.”

At this point, it’s only possible to speculate about who would play these characters, but potentially the voice actors from the game would step up into the live-action roles.

It’s possible that GTA Online’s success, which continues to add new players and is something of a cash cow for Rockstar and publishers Take Two, means they are in no rush to release the sixth game.

Franklin from GTA V
Rockstar Games
The movie will apparently still focus on the main characters from GTA V.

The movie industry is currently in a downturn, for obvious reasons arising from lockdowns, but if the movie is still in the “early stages”, it may be some way off still. Not to mention, filming is also made more difficult in these uncertain times.

The same can be said for game development also, and with not even a peep out of Rockstar regarding a new GTA game, that seems to be a long way off still too.