GTA Online players call for fan-favorite game mode to return

Brianna Reeves
gta online overtime rumble players want it back

GTA Online players recently took to Reddit, calling for the return of Overtime Rumble and other fan-favorite Adversary modes.

Rockstar Games added the Overtime Rumble mode to Grand Theft Auto Online in July 2017, weeks after rolling out the title’s Gunrunning update.

It quickly became favored among players, offering a team-based experience wherein players jump off of ramps in Ruiner 2000s and parachute to a designated play space filled with point-bearing markers.

Because Rockstar Games rotates out the available Adversary modes, the likes of Overtime Rumble never stick around permanently.

GTA Online regulars call for Overtime Rumble’s return

Redditor mxz_yt received a positive response after expressing their disappointment about the absence of Overtime Rumble.

“I’m so sad Rockstar removed this game mode,” the Reddit user wrote, to which many users responded in agreement.

Rockstar vaulted Overtime Rumble, Target Assault Races, and several Adversary modes late last year. Its returned in the months since then, according to No-Assignment9303, though only for a limited period of time.

Because some jobs were removed to improve matchmaking and free up space for future updates, it’s believed that Overtime Rumble and various Adversary modes may have bitten the bullet for similar reasons. It’s also possible that Rockstar vaults certain features based on their popularity.

Players such as Arellan think one solution rests in rotating modes more frequently, “like having 5-ish game modes available for 1-2 weeks then swapping them out.”

Reddit users also chimed in with other beloved game types that have yet to return. Motor Wars seems especially missed, for example.

These Adversary modes and more will likely resurface in future rotations but it’s clear players long for the day when they can jump into their favorite game types at leisure.

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