Rockstar teases “exciting” GTA Online updates for 2021 and beyond

GTA Online 2021 updatesRockstar Games

GTA Online continues to surge in popularity as the player base grows with each passing content drop and now, Rockstar Games has teased some “exciting” updates in the pipeline to keep the ball rolling.

There’s no overstating the continued success of Grand Theft Auto 5. Having cleared more than 150 million sales over the past eight years, it’s one of the highest-grossing games of all time, in large part, due to the popularity of its online component.

GTA Online has blossomed into one of the biggest gaming communities in recent years on the back of an expansive role-playing scene.

While many are looking towards what’s next with GTA 6 likely drawing close, Rockstar still has plenty left for the current release in focus.

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From new Heists to next-gen updates, we already have a good idea of what’s left to come in 2021. However, the developers have now teased even more major content drops on the way.

GTA Online HalloweenRockstar Games
Halloween in particular will bring tons of new content this year.

Following the highly-praised Los Santos Tuners update, Rockstar appears to have plenty more left in the tank for the rest of the year and beyond. 

“We’ve got a few things planned this year which we think will be really fun for the community to take part in,” Rockstar told GTANet in a rare interview.

While specific details were kept under wraps for the most part, the devs hinted at one particular patch on the horizon.

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“New activities” are in the works for this year’s Halloween-themed update, Rockstar confirmed. Exactly what these activities may look like though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Looking well into the future and “beyond” 2021 itself, the devs appear to have quite a bit in the pipeline moving forward.

Fans can expect more “exciting new updates” to arrive in GTA Online over the months and perhaps years to come.

Outside of the specific Halloween content drop, no exact timeline was mapped out for any additional updates. 

For now, we do have the next-gen port to look forward to as GTA Online gets a new coat of paint on November 11.

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