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GTA Online Lester voice actor responds to heist return rumors

Published: 18/Dec/2020 14:06

by David Purcell


Grand Theft Auto players have just been given a brand new Cayo Perico heist in GTA Online, but one fan has been looking to the future for clues already. Asking Lester voice actor Jay Klaitz about a future return, he didn’t give too much away. 

Lester is one of the most mischievous, yet popular, characters in the entire game. There’s no doubt about that. He’ll often pop up with the odd phone call to offer players work, or respond to messages from your iFruit phone.

Well, those messages have gone beyond the boundaries of the game it seems. The voice actor for Lester, Jay Klaitz, appears to be just as responsive in real life.


GTA Online Cayo Perico
Rockstar Games
GTA Online’s Cayo Perico Heist didn’t have room for the crafty Lester.

GTA 5 voice actor responds to rumors

Many players have been hoping the figure will reappear in a future heist, after not making it into the Cayo Perico mission. He has masterminded some of the biggest steals in the game’s online mode since launch, most recently at the Diamond Casino. Clearly, it would be a popular decision if Rockstar brought him back for a new quest in the future.

In a thread of not so private DMs posted to Reddit, a user asked him: “Hey Jay, just wondering was the Casino Heist the last heist you will be in forever in GTA?”

While his response didn’t give the exact answer the player might have wanted, it certainly left the door open. He said: “Hard to say! Rockstar runs a tight ship, so ol’ Lester has to keep his mouth shut… Happy holidays and have a great New Year!”


I Asked Jay Klaitz (Lester) If he will be in any other heists in the future or if he is done on his’s what he said from gtaonline


As mentioned earlier, this would certainly go down well with the community if it ever happened. Players were impressed with the communication between the team and fans as well, with one posting: “He really just casually chats with fans? Sounds like a cool dude.”

Another joked: “Judging by the pic of Lester and Georgina at the Pier, it seems like he finally decided to retire. Or at least for now. After all, he has been bragging about having more money than he could spend.”

“Don’t swamp voice actors”

A moderator of the subreddit was pleased to see the interaction, though did offer a warning of sorts to clue hunters. They posted: “While it’s awesome that a VA responded to your DM, I kindly request that users don’t swamp other VA or developers associated with Rockstar Games with questions concerning topics about future DLCs, games, or other trade secrets.


Rockstar Games
Voice actors speaking to fans is generally seen as a positive thing for fans.

“These people are signed into contracts that will ruin them if they breach terms, and it’s also obnoxious and rude to pester these private individuals with questions they either can’t answer or don’t know the answer to.”

That comment wasn’t welcomed with the same positive response from fans. However, some questioned the issue, while others admitted it was nice to see voice actors responding to trending topics in the community.

Whether or not the character will come back soon remains to be seen, but they haven’t exactly ruled it out. That, at the very least, is a good sign.