GTA Online July 29 update patch notes: Bugs fixed for Cayo Perico heist, races & facility

David Purcell
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Rockstar Games quietly rolled out a new GTA Online update on July 29 and here we have the full patch notes.

Just days after the launch of GTA Online’s Criminal Enterprises update – which added a number of new vehicles to the game – the developers are at it again with another patch.

This one, though, is a little quieter than the standard weekly updates.

Since Criminal Enterprises dropped, players have been able to sink their teeth into lots of new content, though some have highlighted recurring issues affecting gameplay.

Now, Rockstar has moved to address those, head-on.

GTA Online Cayo Perico heist
Cayo Perico players have been frustrated by glitches – but this update addresses one of the worst.

GTA Online patch notes: July 29 update changes

With it being a list of smaller tweaks, the patch notes are unofficial this time.

The following changes were confirmed by Rockstar leaker Tez2 on Twitter:

  • Fixed a bug preventing you from buying Festival Bus from the site
  • Fixed cutscene bug during Cayo Perico Heist Finale
  • Fixed wall breach glitch
  • Fixed a bug with Snack & Armor options of Weapon Wheel
  • Fixes to “Pier Race” & “Splits” Stunt Races
  • Patched a Facility dupe glitch
  • Fix for Rubber Band AFK during jobs (Kicks you from the job)
  • Fixed an issue where the Facility exterior/hatch is open or bugged out

This brings a number of fixes for irritating issues experienced by players in GTA Online, affecting a wide range of elements of gameplay, too.

This includes the Cayo Perico heist – which many members of the community have been grinding daily – and also Facilities.

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