GTA Online hotfix update patches taxi god mode and four other glitches

GTA Taxi God ModeRockstar Games

The frustrating god mode taxi work mission glitch has been patched along with several other GTA Online glitches.

For a week, GTA Online players have been complaining about the latest game-breaking bug that has been making playing in public lobbies almost impossible.

“God mode” glitches are nothing new in GTA Online, as they allow players who exploit certain glitches to become indestructible and sometimes get other impossible abilities like being able to fly or never running out of ammunition.

The latest such exploit that has been plaguing the game revolves around the new Taxi Work update, which gives players the chance to earn some extra money as one of Los Santos’s many, previously-unnamed cabbies. Luckily, the issue and several others, have been patched.

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GTA Online pushes hotfix for god mode taxi bug

Scooper Tez2 recently shared a hotfix that had been pushed out for GTA Online by Rockstar. The hotfix targets five glitches, including the “Taxi God Mode” glitch.

The hotfix also patched a workaround where players could avoid the cooldown on the missions offered by Dax and Yohan, a glitch that lets players merge two cars in the auto shop, another glitch that lets players get through the Cayo Perico heist by using wallhacks, and a glitch that let players skip the prep stage of the Doomsday heist.

Players are, of course, thrilled to see these issue glitches like god mode patched out, but others are upset either that they are losing a way for them to grind through the missions more quickly, or because there are still glaring glitches still yet to be fixed.

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“Of course. Had to patch harmless glitches first, right,” one player said in the replies to Tez2’s tweet. “[B]etter late than never I suppose, now we wait for all the others,” another lamented.

While these bug fixes might please fans tired of gods ruining their public sessions, there are still plenty of hackers out there to cause grief to GTA Online players.