GTA Online Heist Challenge sets $2 trillion goal with mystery prize

GTA V character smashing glass with gun in maskRockstar Games

Rockstar Games have set GTA Online players the task of stealing $2 trillion with their new Heist Challenge, and there’s a mystery reward for the community if they manage it. 

As the heists in Grand Theft Auto Online have gotten bigger and better over the last few years, Rockstar Games have also made a point of rewarding players in a pretty big way for completing them multiple times. 

Heist targets in the Cayo Perico and Diamond Casino jobs change each time you run the heist, but the iconic game developers go further than that as well. They’ve constantly added bonus cash as well with events and challenges. 

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The biggest of which is the annual heist challenge event, where players can get double rewards for classic heists like The Pacific Standard Job. But, that’s not all.

How to get GTA Online heist challenge 2022 mystery reward

The GTA Online community has, at times, been challenged to smash a collective target of stolen money that ultimately leads to everyone getting a reward. 

Well, that’s back this year, with Rockstar taking things to a new level. Instead of the $100 billion target of two years, players have been challenged with stealing over $3 trillion. That’s right, $3 trillion. 

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On top of their bank balances receiving a nice boost, players who take part will also unlock a “special reward” that will be distributed later in the year should the challenge be completed by the community. So, drop in, complete a heist, and you’ll be eligible.

gta online solo heistsRockstar Games
GTA Online heists are the best way to make money, and this challenge takes things up a notch.

The “special reward” will, obviously, catch the eye of plenty of players who will want to see what Rockstar might dish out. Though, there will be some who are skeptical and be just expecting a new t-shirt or mask for their efforts.

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Either way, it’s very likely that the community manages to smash this target once again, so make sure you get involved and don’t miss out on whatever prize Rockstar dishes out for it.

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