GTA 6 reportedly still “on schedule” despite 2026 delay fears

Connor Bennett
Jason and Lucia in GTA 6 cover

GTA 6 is reportedly still “on schedule” for launch in 2025 despite some recent fears that the long-awaited game could be delayed as late as 2026. 

At the end of 2023, Rockstar Games finally answered the questions that many Grand Theft Auto fans had been waiting for as they revealed the first trailer for GTA 6. That confirmed that yes, we will be going back to Vice City, and that we’ll be playing the story of Lucia and Jason. 

Since then, things have been a little quiet on Rockstar’s end. The devs haven’t offered up any other updates about GTA 6, but recalled swaths of developers back to their studios for security measures. Those devs, though, aren’t too pleased about that as they’re no longer allowed to work from home. 

That move was supposed to signal the final stretch of development on GTA 6, but Kotaku reported that some devs believe a delay to the proposed ‘early’ 2025 release is inevitable, with 2026 being used as a fallback option.

However, Insider Gaming’s Mike Straw has now disputed those claims, reporting that things are still well on schedule. 

“Saying this again since people are still running with it: I’ve reached out to multiple sources and was told the game was “on schedule” and that any suggestion of a delay at this point in development is “pure conjecture”, Straw tweeted on March 25.

He added that Rockstar never “fully confirmed” a launch in Q1 of 2025, just a release in 2025. “But nothing I’ve heard suggests 2026 unless something drastic changes,” Straw concluded.

Rockstar and Take-Two, their publishers, always keep things radio silent until they have something to reveal and that’s what creates some worry within the GTA community. 

Hopefully we hear something official before long that clears things up and puts everyone at ease.