GTA 6 leak claims game has male and female characters, multiple cities

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A new Grand Theft Auto 6 leaks claims that the game will be set in two cities, feature two main characters, and even stated when to expect an announcement for the game.

GTA V released back in September 2013, and while Rockstar Games continue to update and evolve the title, it hasn’t stopped fans of the franchise from wondering when they may see the next installment, and what could happen in the game.

Now, a user on the GTA6 subreddit claims to have information about the title, posting a thread that allegedly includes information on locations, protagonists, landmarks and more.

Rockstar GamesGTA V released back in 2013, but details have been scarce about the sequel.

According to Reddit user Temperaturerising45, GTA 6 will be set across two cities: Las Venturas which is based on Las Vegas, and San Fierro which is Rockstar’s version of San Francisco. The leaker claims that the map will be four times larger than the one featured in GTA V, and that landmarks such as Area 51 and Hoover Dam will be included.

The leaker also states that greater emphasis will be placed on the interiors buildings and that while not every construction will be accessible, they believe that malls, police stations, fast food restaurants, and gas stations will all let players inside.

As for who will be the main characters in the story, this potential source suggests that there will be just two protagonists this time, one male and one female, and that these characters should see even more random events going on around the world like funerals or families on holidays when the game finally releases.

TemperatureRising45 also writes that there will be two different types of gun stores, with Ammunation returning and selling normal weapons, while players will have to visit “underground stores” to get their hands on some crazier items like Grenade Launchers.

Heists and businesses will both return, while the game will have more mini-games, such as carnival games, gambling, white-water rafting, and bowling, which became a classic meme among GTA IV fans when side character Roman would continuously invite you to knock down some pins.

Rockstar GamesBuying weapons will work differently in GTA 6 according to rumors.

If you’re hoping for an announcement in the near future, though, Temperaturerising45 has bad news, claiming that we won’t be seeing an official reveal until Fall 2020, which would point to 2021 as the earliest possible release date if their claims are accurate.

The idea that the game would remain in the San Andreas county would be a move away from Rockstar’s previous methods, which has seen them go from places like London, to Vice City, then to Liberty City, never visiting the same region twice back-to-back.

Of course, there’s no way to verify the validity of the post, and there have been a large number of supposed leakers revealing what they claim is the truth about GTA 6.  With most analysts suggesting that we won’t see an announcement this year, we’ll likely have a wait on our hands to find out what really is going on.

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