Grand Theft Auto V & GTA Online coming to Xbox Game Pass soon

Rockstar Games

Microsoft has announced that Grand Theft Auto V, and its multiplayer component GTA Online, will be coming back to Xbox Game Pass in the very near future. It will also be making an appearance on xCloud for the first time. 

If you have an Xbox and somehow don’t have GTA V already then Microsoft has you covered with its next update for GamePass.

Both GTA V and GTA Online will be returning to Xbox Game Pass on April 8, 2021. The title was originally available on the service in January 2020 but was removed in May of that same year.

For the first time, it will also be available with xCloud, the streaming service that’s a part of Game Pass Ultimate subscriptions, meaning you’ll soon be able to play on your phone via touch screen controls.

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As with all other Game Pass titles, it will be available to download from the Microsoft Store simply by searching for it. It’s currently unknown how long it’ll be available on this time around.