Genius GTA Online trick uses story mode characters to avoid certain death


A GTA Online player showcased a crafty trick that players can use to avoid certain death in vehicles by activating the in-built story mode character switch feature and backing out of the prompt.

GTA Online has been out for almost ten years now, and players are still finding new tricks to take advantage of. For example, a player recently discovered one that doubles motorcycle delivery payouts, while another found a way to survive massive falls.

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However, there’s another simple trick that not everyone knows about — one that lets you avoid certain death in vehicles, regardless of the circumstances. And it’s effortless to do.

franklin running from an explosion in gta onlineRockstar Games
GTA Online players love using helpful quality-of-life tricks.

A player showcased their experience with the trick on Reddit. The video they shared shows them on the verge of driving a car into a powerline, which typically means certain death at the speed they were going.

But a few seconds before impact, they activated the in-built story mode character switch feature, which can be done by holding the down button on your controller’s D-Pad or Alt on a PC keyboard.

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This caused a black screen to pop up asking them if they wanted to quit the session, which they quickly backed out of and returned to the game. It stopped the car in its tracks, allowing them to drive off unharmed.

A handful of players in the comments section also confirmed the trick works for them, some of whom have known for years. They also pointed out that it can be handy in races when other drivers try to ram you.

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Alternatively, they claimed you could use Alt+F4 on PC, which brings up the same prompt but can be done quicker. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a whirl and see if it works. It might come in handy against griefers.

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