GTA Online player explains how to get money fast after becoming multi-billionaire

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One wealthy GTA Online player has shared some financial wisdom after finally hitting the multi-billion dollar mark in-game.

Money makes the world of GTA Online go ’round. Without a steady supply of cash, you’re not able to take advantage of all the game has to offer.

From heists to races, deliveries, and more, most of your in-game time is spent trying to make as much money as you can. Now, one of the newest players to join the GTA Online billionaire’s club has shared how to amass a fortune of your own.

Heists the key to quick money in GTA Online

Cayo perico in GTA online
Rockstar Games
The Cayo Perico heist is the best money-maker in GTA Online.

On May 22, Reddit user ‘ChloeWade’ posted a picture of their over $2 billion, celebrating the achievement. Players quickly asked how they amassed such a fortune, and it turns out that heists are the key.

“Mainly just Cayo [Perico], though I already had over a billion before Cayo even released from twice-daily casino heists,” Chloe replied to a user asking how they made so much money. “Either one, twice daily for a year, is already over a billion.”

Running heists twice daily for a year might seem like it would take a lot of time, but once you have over a billion dollars, you don’t really need to do any more grinding for the foreseeable future.

So, what is Chloe going to do with their fortune? According to them, they’re just going to sit on it until the next GTA game comes out.

“Just let it sit in the bank lol, I would probably be set until GTA 6 even if I never earned another buck,” they explained. “But, I just like grinding.”

If you’re looking for the best way to make money in GTA Online, it seems like you just can’t beat Cayo Perico. That is, at least, according to players who have hit the billion dollar mark.

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