Frustrating GTA Online bug is changing Lucky Wheel casino rewards

Rockstar Games

GTA Online players have been left frustrated by a problem with the daily lucky spin wheel as it has begun paying out the wrong rewards – seemingly no matter what prize they were supposed to win.

Since the Diamond Casino and Resort, finally, opened in GTA Online back in July of 2019, GTA fans have been flooding through the doors to earn cash, clean out the vault and have some good times with their fellow players. 

For the most loyal of GTA Online players, they are rewarded with a daily spin on the lucky wheel that sits in the middle of the Casino floor. The login reward features everything from new clothing to exclusive vehicles – meaning it is very much worth jumping on every day and taking a spin. Though, there seems to be an issue with it at the moment.

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Screengrab from GTA OnlineGTA Online’s casino has become a major hub of activity in-game.

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Reddit user The_Salted_Slug pointed the issue out, noting that the GTA Online reward you’re meant to win from the wheel, might not be the prize you ultimately end up with. 

In the Redditor’s video showcasing the problem, they managed to land on the highly sought after podium car spot – which is currently a unique Sultan Classic – but instead of being told that they’d be getting the keys to the car, they ended up with 10,000 casino chips. 

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While that might be enough for some players to launch their controller or smash a keyboard, what’s perhaps more annoying is that the 10,000 chips are nowhere near the car spot on the wheel. The game has spat out a completely random reward.

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It’s not even like The_Salted_Slug had only just landed on the car spot by the skin of their teeth either – the arrow on the wheel is clearly slap bang in the middle of the vehicle reward slot.

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Of course, it’s not the first time that a bug like this has reared its head – players reported problems when the casino first opened, but they had gone away after Rockstar fixed a few things. Whether or not they will fix this anytime soon, though, remains to be seen.

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