Crazy GTA Online car trick makes USS Luxington mission much easier

David Purcell
GTA USS Luxington mission

GTA Online players won’t always fancy landing on a fully loaded aircraft carrier for the USS Luxington Business Battle, but with a few simple shunt hop mods, you could fly over there in a car very easily. 

Rockstar Games add a number of incentives for players to take part in Business Battles all the time, boosting their rewards in weekly updates from time to time. However, the forces on board the USS Luxington does make it particularly more dangerous at times.

Well, the fine folk protecting the waters surrounding Los Santos don’t appear to be expecting people flying over in cars – which is no shock. Who would?

One Reddit user has shown people how to infiltrate the zone very easily, but not everybody will be able to pull it off. Let’s see how it works.

GTA Online USS Luxington Business Battle
The USS Luxington might look like it’s waiting for you to jump on board, but it’s guarded by heavy military forces.

GTA Online’s USS Luxington mission, the easy way

The eyes in the sky didn’t see redditor Matyaty coming, that’s for sure, after they set off across the high seas in a modded Issi Classic.

As seen in the incredible clip below, after floating into the air, the player was able to use the shunt hop feature of the vehicle to move themselves up and down. This only works because it is set sideways, which is important for those trying to recreate the stunt.

Without a trace, they were able to land on the carrier, take what they needed and flee the scene. Easy as it gets, really.

What is the USS Luxington Business Battle?

The USS Luxington Business Battle can be activated by diving on board the aircraft carrier, or even approaching it.

If you’re operating a ship or plane, floating around this zone might not be the best idea as they can shoot you down in an instant. Exploiting the shunt hop bug, though, seems to avoid all of that.

By completing it, you can earn $10,000 per player – so it’s definitely one where if you can make things easier for yourself, you can rack up money pretty quickly.

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