Arab GTA NoPixel server shut down after banning LGTBQ symbols

Jeremy Gan
Promo image of GTA V online

NoPixel’s newest server, which catered to their Arab players, has been shut down after the managing team behind the server banned all LGBTQ symbols. 

In an effort to expand its player base the famous roleplaying GTA V server, NoPixel, launched an Arab server. However, controversy immediately started up when a streamer was asked to remove a rainbow colored wristband. 

An GTA RP streamer, dantexstar, was streaming the new Arab NoPixel server when Zeedo, who was part of the team managing the server, told him to check his Discord. He had made an announcement that all LGBTQ+ symbols and behavior is banned.

Dante read the message to his stream and promptly removed the wristband to avoid a ban from the server. In addition, he was also told by the server admins to remove the LGBTQ+ tag on his Twitch stream. 

The ban was immediately criticized by NoPixel players who were watching the stream, and particularly gained traction when a Reddior posted it on r/Livestreamfail.

With one redditor pointing out that despite using culture as the reasoning to ban all LGBTQ related symbols, they would still rob a bank, kill, and go to a casino despite being banned in Islamic culture.

Dante started his stream once again to talk about the situation. Saying he won’t be playing on the server anymore, but harbors no ill will towards any of the staff members.

In response to the homophobic rules, Honathan, one of the managers of NoPixel, announced they were parting ways with NoPixel Arab and shutting the server down.

He said, “while NoPixel Arab were willing to make commitments and concessions we personally feel it is in the best interest of our community to end things completely.” He further explained players who signed up to the server will be issued refunds.