Genshin Impact players split over ‘childish’ Summer Festival 2023 event

Jake Nichols
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Genshin Impact’s latest Summer Festival event has split its community down the middle, with the battle lines drawn between ‘child’s play’ and ‘refreshing lightheartedness.’

The Summer Festival event, which showcases characters on a summer vacation to Inazuma, has sparked passionate debate on Reddit regarding its thematic tone and content in Genshin Impact.

A number of players expressed disappointment, feeling that the event was overly simplistic and “extremely infantile.” One such player criticized the event’s attractions, such as the floating fox, stating, “They take zero brain power and they look straight out of a toddler’s show.”

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They noted the lack of complexity in the tasks and a shift in character depth, with characters like Collei and Kokomi appearing stripped of their original personalities.

However, not all community feedback was critical.

Some players appreciated the lighter tone of the event. One user pointed out that “after brainwashing, fighting gods, literal genocide, and some hardcore stuff, I will take the damn whimsical wonderland for an event.”

Others defended the event, arguing that its aim was to focus on lighthearted, family-friendly fun. A player argued, “It’s made focusing around Klee after all, who’s actually a child, so I’m not too surprised.”

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However, users have made it clear that they yearn for more substance and intricacy in their puzzles and storylines, drawing attention to the more complex 2.8 Golden Apple Archipelago (GAA) event as a preferred model.

Nevertheless, some users found comfort in the simplicity of the Summer Festival, enjoying the reprieve from heavier themes of past content. As one player expressed, “We were overdue for some lighthearted fun with Klee.”

The mixed response to Genshin Impact’s Summer event reveals the varied expectations of the game’s diverse player base. And although the game is beloved for its character development and immersive world-building, it seems that it missed the mark for some this time around.

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