Genshin Impact players demand larger artifact inventory cap

Cassidy Stephenson
Deepwood Memories and Gilded Dreams artifacts in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact players want a larger inventory cap for artifacts – but there may be a reason why it’s smaller than weapons.

In Genshin Impact, users can equip 4-star and 5-star characters with different artifact sets. Players must complete the appropriate domain to obtain artifacts and use either Condensed or Original Resin. A 2-piece or 4-piece artifact set grants characters various buffs in combat.

Players can equip characters with up to five artifacts at a time. However, Genshin Impact prevents users from having over 1500 artifacts in their inventory. Since vision holders only have one weapon, users have argued for more artifact storage.

Genshin Impact users want more storage for artifacts

An image of Nilou in Genshin Impact, who is featured in the current banner.

Reddit user XLNC07 posed an inventory question on the Genshin Impact subreddit. They asked why the gacha title had a 1500-limit for artifacts but a 2000-limit for weapons. Fellow Genshin players agreed, but tried to figure out the answer.

“Because you get weapons from pulls, so they need space to not interrupt big spenders mid-pulling for inventory management,” ‘Cthulhilly’ suggested.

“It’s likely a matter of account data storage,” ‘The_Cheeseman83’ claimed. “Weapons have less data to track since each copy has the same stats. All they need to keep track of is each one’s level and refinements.”

‘Not-one-of-import’ crunched some quick numbers for those who whale for characters. The following equation would force users to empty their inventory, and miHoYo wouldn’t want to “interrupt your spending.”

“Character Banner: 75 wishes = 8 character copies + 67 weapons Lose all the characters 50-50s = 14 rounds 14×67=938 Weapon banner: 75 wishes = 2-4 characters = 71 weapons Lose your 75-25s for R5? Thats 15×71=1065.”

Despite miHoYo’s alleged business practice, Genshin Impact recently had one of the worst-selling banners. For the second half of Version 3.6, Baizhu’s debut and Ganyu’s re-run took the 41st spot on the 47-entry all-time revenue list.

However, better days may be ahead depending on how the Version 3.7 banners perform.

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