Genshin Impact players are convinced Diona is secretly a Greek goddess

Diona of Genshin Impact has a pretty visible connection to the greek goddess DionysusmiHoYo

The characters of Genshin Impact all have special powers but some fans have noticed how one small Katzlein bartender — Diona — has a remarkably similar backstory to a specific Greek goddess, and they’re convinced it’s her secret origin story.

When it comes to the land Teyvat and Genshin Impact there is no shortage of people with special abilities. Each character already has mastery of a specific type of weapon and a particular element to match, so it’s hard to stand out from the crowd.

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Being a messenger of the divine could certainly help to create some separation though, and some fans are convinced that is what sets Diona apart as potentially the voice of a Greek goddess.

Diona firing an arrowHoYoverse
Diona? A Greek god? Some Genshin players are sure of it.

The connection is centered around Diona and the similarities she shares with Dionysus, the Goddess of Winemaking in the Greek pantheon.

The biggest of the points is how Diona is a barkeeper at Cat’s Tail in Mondstadt, mirroring Dionysus’ relationship with alcohol.

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The connection does fall apart after that initial detail, as the young girl has her heart set on taking down the entire wine industry in Mondstadt despite the bar’s success.

One user joked that this revelation would absolutely break Diona’s own heart: “She became the very thing she swore to destroy”.

Another commenter pointed out that the cryo-archer could actually represent a mixture of multiple deities: “There is the Greek goddess Dione and the Roman Goddess Diana. Diana in particular is a bow-using, goddess of the hunt; as we know, Diona comes from a line of hunters.”

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While no blatant connection is specified in the game, these coincidences are more than enough for fans to dream about the possibility and wonder what-if.

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