FaZe Clan’s Agony live tweets scary home invasion situation

Andrew Amos
YouTube: FaZe Agony

FaZe Clan’s ‘Agony’ duo Devin and Kieran Agony were reportedly caught up in a home invasion early on April 10, live tweeting the “scariest night of [their] life” to their near-million followers.

The Canadian FaZe Clan brothers were allegedly the target of a home invasion early on Friday morning.

One half of the Call of Duty duo, Devin, sent the first tweet at just after 10pm PT on April 9, stating that his house had been broken into.

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“People just broke in our house and tried to break down my bedroom door, then I heard a gunshot,” his tweet read. He was reportedly inside his gaming room, while brother Kieran and their roommate were elsewhere in the house at the time.

“I’m locked in my gaming room and cops are here. Please pray that Kieran is okay. Cops are about to clear the house now,” he continued.

Devin added he was “scared for his brother,” as the two were separated in the house. However, he confirmed his brother’s safety minutes later.

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After coming out, Agony reported there was a “shotgun shell on the staircase,” — which he revealed in a follow-up photo — and called the ordeal “the scariest night of my life.”

No one was injured in the home invasion, which Devin said he was thankful for. “Everyone in our home is safe. Will update after we talk to detectives. Thank you, and Thank god no one got hurt,” he tweeted.

The duo have received an outpouring of support on social media after the incident. Fellow members of FaZe Clan, as well as the wider Call of Duty community, commented saying they were also relieved to hear no one was injured.

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Agony has since responded to some social media criticism, as followers of the FaZe Clan star enquire as to why he chose to tweet about the incident, rather than seek help.

“To the people calling me out for tweeting, I did not have my phone on me to call the cops. I went on discord to message anyone to call 911,” Agony explained. “I was locked/trapped in my gaming room. Luckily [my] roommate had discord on [their] phone to reply and tell me he’d called 911 and they were on the way”.

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The brothers, who live in Ontario, Canada, spoke to local police shortly after the incident. A statement has yet to be released.