Zenless Zone Zero: All confirmed characters

A promotional image from Zenless Zone Zero.HoYoverse

Zenless Zone Zero is the next release from HoYoverse that will feature plenty of exciting characters to play as. Here’s a full rundown of all the confirmed playable units in the game so far.

Despite the massive success of Honkai Star Rail and Genshin Impact, HoYoverse shows no signs of slowing down and their next project, Zenless Zone Zero is bringing a futuristic take to the gacha genre that will surely appeal to their already established fanbase.

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Unlike their previous titles, Zenless Zone Zero will retain the gacha elements and will also introduce roguelike elements and dungeon-crawling gameplay into the mix. For those who love HoYoverse games because of their large character rosters, you’ll be happy to know that the game will include plenty of unique fighters to play as.

Here’s a full rundown of all the confirmed characters in Zenless Zone Zero so far.


All confirmed characters in Zenless Zone Zero

A total of 13 playable characters have been confirmed for Zenless Zone Zero so far, and each has a unique design and distinct specialties. While little is known about how they will all fare in combat right now, official character descriptions have given us a feel for what to expect from the characters.

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Belle & Wise

An image of Belle and Wise in Zenless Zone Zero.HoYoverse
Belle and Wise are the main characters in Zenless Zone Zero.

Belle and Wise are the player’s main characters in the game, akin to the Traveler in Genshin Impact and Trailblazer in Honkai Star Rail. Unlike HoYoverse’s other games, however, these two are non-combat characters and they act as proxies who guide those looking to enter the mysterious ‘Hollow’ dimensions in the game.


An image of Anby.HoYoverse
Anby is a combat specialist.

Anby is a member of the Cunning Hares faction in Zenless Zone Zero. She’s a combat specialist with an extremely efficient fighting style. Her age and past are a complete mystery including where she learned how to fight.

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An image of Anton in Zenless Zone Zero.HoYoverse
Anton is a natural leader.

Anton is a senior staff member at Belobog Heavy Industries. He’s a confident leader who has a lot of passion for his work and primarily acts as an onsite manager for the company where he’s always ready to take on more challenges.


An image of Ben in Zenless Zone Zero.HoYoverse
Ben is an accountant for Belobog Heavy Industries.

Ben Bigger is a bear who works at Belobog Heavy Industries. He works as the firm’s main accountant, is excellent at math, and has a fantastic memory, having memorized all of the ledgers in the office.

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An image of Billy.HoYoverse
Billy is a Cyborg in Zenless Zone Zero.

Billy is another member of the Cunning Hares who works alongside Anby. He’s a cyborg who is a massive fan of The Starless Knights TV show, often referring to himself as one of the Knights and quoting lines from the show. He can tackle any challenge when things get series.


An image of Corin.HoYoverse
Corin can attack enemies with her chainsaw.

Corin works for the Victoria Housekeeping faction.

While she can perform some devastating attacks with her trusty chainsaw, she’s not the most confident person.

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An image of Koleda.HoYoverse
Koleda is the leader of Belobog Heavy Industries.

Koleda is the leader of Belobog Heavy Industries where she works alongside Ben and Anton. Despite being an efficient leader, Koleda can let her young age show on occasion which means she does rely on the full support of her followers.


An image of Lycaon in Zenless Zone Zero.HoYoverse
Lycaon is an attendant for Victoria Housekeeping.

Von Lycaon, often just known as Lycaon, is a member of Victoria Housekeeping.

This wolflike character may look dangerous but he’s incredibly gentle at heart, and he takes great pride in his work as an attendant, not allowing any blemishes to be made.

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An image of Miyabi.HoYoverse
Miyabi is a material arts expert.

Miyabi is the head of the faction Section 6 in Zenless Zone Zero. She’s the successor of a well-known material arts family and she has a strong sense of responsibility toward guarding the principles of New Eridu.

She aspires to own a sizable collection of swords and to build an unbreakable city management system.


An image of Nekomata.HoYoverse
Nekomata is known as a trickster.

Nekomata is another member of the Cunning Hares and has a reputation for being a trickster.

She lives up to her reputation by having boundless amounts of energy which means she’s always thinking up new tricks to play on others. She’s curious, athletic, and daring.

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An image of Nicole is Zenless Zone Zero.HoYoverse
Nicole is the leader of the Cunning Hares.

As the founder of the Cunning Hares, Nicole is the extremely cunning leader of the faction.

She loves obtaining money but can never seem to keep hold of much for long. Due to her all-or-nothing approach, she;’s unfortunately been blacklisted by a lot of clients.

Soldier 11

An image of Soldier 11 in Zenless Zone Zero.HoYoverse
Soldier 11 is a model soldier.

Soldier 11 is a model soldier whose identity is completely unknown due to her scrubbing it off the record years ago – she gave her name up a long time ago.

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When it comes to missions, nothing is more important than completing one successfully for soldier 11, which


An image os Soukaku in Zenless Zone Zero.HoYoverse
Soukaku is a dangerous fighter.

Soukaku is a member of Section 6 in Zenless Zone Zero. She’s one of the most skilled members of her faction and can be extremely dangerous despite her young appearance.

Soukaku loves food and hates nothing more than seeing people wasting it.

Those are all the confirmed characters in Zenless Zone Zero so far! For more content on the game, check out our guides below:

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